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"This book truthfully is the only book I have ever begun to read and couldn't put down until I was finished. The quality of writing and subject matter - it's a Masterpiece!"

-David L. Lewis, Ph.D.,
former senior EPA
Research Microbiologist
They're Poisoning Us! From the Gulf War to the Gulf of Mexico - An Investigative Report By Arnold Mann

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"Arnold Mann's reporting on environmental toxins and resulting illnesses has enabled patients and doctors to look beyond the obvious for answers to mysterious symptoms. His earlier reporting saved lives; this book will save countless more."

-Melinda Ballard,
Policyholders of America

Arnold Mann has been writing about medicine for a national audience for the last 30 years.

Ten years ago, Mann blew the lid off "TOXIC MOLD" with a series of features and cover stories in Time and USA Weekend Magazines. Now he's back with the big picture, and it's a frightening one. In "They're Poisoning Us," Mann draws our attention to a global health crisis; a toxic plague of exponential proportions.

In this groundbreaking investigation, Mann exposes the ugly truths about cover-ups, lies and deceptions by major corporations and government agencies at the expense of millions who have been rendered chronically ill, many forced to live as environmental hermits. He has painstakingly documented their heart-breaking personal stories, along with medical testimony from renowned physicians and researchers who specialize in this new field of medicine and environmental disasters.

Mann's most recent book. "Brain surgeon: A Doctor's Inspiring Encounters with Mortality and Miracles." which he co-authored with Dr. Keith Black, was nominated for a 2010 NAACP Image Award for Best Nonfiction Book.

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